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A number of iguana pet books have been written in recent years, but still only one addresses the complete needs of these big green lizards: Green Iguana—The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James W. Hatfield III. This comprehensive yet highly readable book is just what its name says: the ULTIMATE book on green iguanas.

In 650+ pages of clear, lively, compelling and accurate text, the author presents the most current, scientific and useful information available about iguanas. The book’s nine chapters and ten appendixes cover everything from birth to death of an iguana.

Green Iguana—The Ultimate Owner’s Manual also features:
24 pages of color photos
16 black-and-white photos, including exclusive iguana skeleton photos
9 iguana medical photos from a world-renowned veterinarian
more than 30 detailed scientific illustrations, drawings, charts, diagrams, and tables
. several hundred quotations from iguana owners, veterinarians, scientific researchers, and others, spread throughout the book to emphasize important points
Keeping it the ULTIMATE
Every effort has been made to keep this iguana book the ULTIMATE. As an example, for nearly every reprinting the author adds any new research or information of significance on green iguanas. In the third reprinting, 8 additional pages of color photographs were added, and the book’s price remained the same.

Second Edition
This new Second Edition has up-to-date text, important medical black-and-white photos from internationally known veterinarian Scott Stahl, plus new photos in the color section. And to make sure more iguana owners have access to the ULTIMATE iguana book, the price was reduced from $32.50 to $22.95. No other pet care book on any animal offers this level of commitment to its readers.

Iguanas’ Wellbeing comes FIRST
We’d love to sell you a book, but we would like to start by giving you some free advice.

Iguanas come from exotic tropical lands, and as such they require very specific housing, food, light, and other care requirements to thrive in captivity. Without these absolute requirements, they can die a slow and painful death.

They call green iguanas "Giant Green Iguanas" because they get huge. As an example, the owner’s lizard (pictured on the book cover) at 4 years old was 5’5" (nose to tip of tail) and weighed 13 pounds. Take size into consideration when deciding on whether to get an iguana or not. They can also live to 12-15 years.

Sexually mature male iguanas can be grumpy, rambunctious, or even mean during breeding season. Sexually mature female iguanas can lay eggs even without the presence of a male, and the females need specialized care while gravid and to lay their eggs successfully.

Iguanas are pets for adults and older children. Young children should NOT have an iguana for a pet (as explained in detail in the book).

So if you are thinking about getting an iguana as a pet, please start by being informed - our book is a great first step.

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