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     For those people needing a reduction in the cost of our ULTIMATE iguana book, we are offering an alternative way to purchase it. Last year we gathered up all of the slightly damaged books from our warehouse and put them in a corner for safe keeping.

     Now we would like to offer these slightly imperfect books to you for just $16.00 (plus the standard $4.00 shipping charge). Since there is a limited number of these books, the discount lasts until the books are sold-and then there are no more.

     The book is in perfect condition inside, the imperfection is to the cover only. That might mean that the cover could be scuffed, some part of the cover may have been bent leaving a tiny to medium size crease or some other such blemish. The cover of these books isn't as "pretty" as a perfect one but all of the text, color photos, illustrations, graphs and black-and-white photos are perfect.

     Dunthorpe Press can't sell damaged books, so we have switched this special sale over to the author, Jim Hatfield. To buy the book you will need to get a money order (you can get these at the U.S. Post Office, convenience stores, etc.) for the amount of $20.00 ($16.00/book + $4.00/shipping). When your money order arrives the book will be sent out right away. Note; no personal checks can be accepted - sorry.

  Make the $20.00 money order out to:
     Jim Hatfield

  Address it to:
     Jim Hatfield
c/o Dunthorpe Press
Attn: Discount book order
P.O. Box 807
Ashland, OR 97520