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Inside the Book - Color Photographs

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The color photos you are about to see are only six of the 32 photos presented in our ULTIMATE Iguana book.

Unlike any other pet care book, especially about iguanas, it's our goal to make our book better and better with each printing. As an example, in the first printing we had a total of 16 pages of color but we weren't happy with just those.

So when Jim Hatfield, the author of the book, made a two-month iguana research trip to South America a couple of years ago, we decided to add some of his research photos (along with some very special ones from iguana owners) to the third printing of the book. This brought the color page count up to 24.

We hope you enjoy this small sampling of photos. If you want to see more, go down to your favorite book store and see them in person or order your own copy of the book now.

As a side note, all of the photos are original and have never been in any other book.


Iguana Hatching
This is only one of a four-phase photo in the book that shows an iguana hatching in an iguana researcher's hand. The photos start with the iguana just starting to come out of an egg shell and finish with the baby lizard on the researcher's hand. A very powerful and amazing series of photos.

Jim spent about a week at an ecology reserve on the Veracruz coast of Mexico doing egg research with the person who took this photograph, Maria Socorro Lara Lopez.

Jim with iguana on his shoulder
Here wild iguanas from the Peruvian jungle sit comfortably on the author's shoulder and hand as Jim talks to the local children. After Jim is done with the iguanas, the lizards are returned unharmed back to the jungle.

For your information, the author has gone to someplace in Latin America to learn more about green iguanas for over 10 years now. Any new information is incorporated into a future reprinting of the book or put in a newsletter. Photo by: Amanda H. Iles

ULTIMATE habitat
Iguana habitats don't have to be ugly structures stuck in some back room of your house. This habitat blends perfectly into the author's home in Portland, Oregon. Detailed drawings are included in the book showing how to make this ULTIMATE habitat. Photo by: John McNalley of Photo Tek Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon

Spike gets into the holiday spirit by opening his present a little early. Photo by: Crystie Anderson, iguana owner

This photo is one of two angels presented in the book for those who doubt the heavenly qualities of pet iguanas. Here Lizzie shows what many iguana owners feel is their iguana's true nature. Photo by: Jayne Hinds Bidaut, professional photographer and iguana owner

Za the great
Every year the author's iguana, Za, got a "cake" to celebrate his birthday. The cake is made from vegetables ground up in a food processor; the "icing" lettering is pureed cooked potatoes with food coloring. The candle is a carrot with a yellow crookneck squash "flame." Photo by: James W. Hatfield III

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