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Thank God for this book!
Karen Moise, iguana owner
San Francisco, CA

I like the fact that you've covered everything from birth of an iguana to its death and how to deal with even that aspect. By reading this book I became an expert myself and I can tell other iguana owners how to take care of their green friends.
     I also extremely enjoyed the humorous writing style. The jokes make the book come alive, almost as if the author is speaking to me!
     The quotes of iguana owners add to the diversity of the book and are easy to identify with. Thanks for helping improve the relationship of humans and animals.
Mona Seda, iguana owner
Rochester, NY

This is a wonderful book. It is well organized and thorough, easy to read, and very enjoyable due to the cute stories and quotes from iguana owners. Delightful!!
Charlene Nemec, iguana owner
South Suburban, IL

In a perfect world, pet stores that carry iguanas would be mandated to carry Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual. The entire book is well written and full of good information. When I show people your book I feel proud that someone like you took the time to represent us "iguana lovers."
Karen S. Gould, iguana owner
Ridley Park, PA

The book is a definite masterpiece, really worth the wait for its completion.
Terry McNieven, iguana owner
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

The book is fabulous! I am very impressed with the amount of research that went into it, and the way it's presented.
Ellen Broussard, iguana owner
Baton Rouge, LA

I just finished reading this book and wanted to tell you what a well written, intelligent and informative book it was, written in a totally understandable, humorous and non-condescending manner. I had just finished the chapter on iguanas ejaculating semen, when that's what I found in his cage (he's going through his first breeding season). Without this book, I would have run him right to the vet thinking there might be a problem.
Linda Prizer, iguana owner
Jericho, NY

The book was FABULOUS. Huge, beautiful, personal and caring. The way pet owners and vets were worked into the text was clever and well done. Congrats! It will be a handbook I will consult a thousand times.
Suzanne Hockston, iguana owner
Bronx, NY

Excellent, excellent. The book is just fantastic, and my copy is already covered with thumbprints!
When you are reading the book you don't get the sense of being dictated to, but rather being part of the experience of iguana ownership with many other people. This builds a feeling of trust in the book.
Lynn Wiegard, iguana owner
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I just finished reading the "ULTIMATE Owner's Manual". I enjoyed it very much and think it is the best book of its kind on the market.
Joseph Widlauz, iguana owner
Westchester, IL

I have recently received the book and I must say, it is fantastic! It is the most informative book I have ever read concerning iguanas.
Tracey Zimmerman, iguana owner
Bronx, NY

Thanks for the excellent book on iguanas. I have been involved in one way or another with iguanas for probably twenty years + and I learned even more after reading this book from cover to cover. It's obvious that a lot of work was put into this book
David H. Good, iguana owner
San Diego, CA

This book is the best thing I could have ever done for my iguana.
Chris Zilz, iguana owner
Crawfordsville, IN

The book is OUTSTANDING and I find myself going back to it time and time again. I am constantly finding new ideas and information to make my iguana healthy and happy.
Roberto Tavarez, iguana owner
New York City, NY

This book has been nothing but beneficial and has countlessly brought me peace-of-mind. From searching at pet and book stores, it is easy to tell that this book is the best one on the subject.
Maureen O'Brien, iguana owner
Portland, OR

I found the Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual to be a "God Send". Thank you!
Gerry Rogers, iguana owner
Old Orchard Beach, ME

This book has been invaluable for easily educating friends about caring for green iguanas-Thank You!
Priscilla Blanchard, iguana owner
Cedar Falls, IA

The best book ever!
Donna Christopher, iguana owner
Pearl River, LA

I have never read any animal care book better than this one.
Cathleen Cowan, iguana owner
Key West, FL

The book is perfect for a first-time iguana owner, but even for people like us who have experience keeping and breeding iguanas. It's great to read and there are all kinds of great stories.
Jeff and Mike Fisher, iguana owners
Salem, OR

The information is presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. I particularly like the quotes from iguana owners and researchers, which are placed so as to be entirely relevant to the information being discussed in the text. Excellent.
Dr. Adam A. Britton, iguana owner
Professor at the University of Bristol, School of Biological Sciences, England

Any current or future iguana owner who doesn't own this outstanding, informative, and action-packed manual will be missing out on the best reading and the most up-to-date source of iguana information ever written. Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual is a great contribution to the lives of humans who read this book and also the green iguanas they keep as pets.
Laura Stinson, iguana owner
Alberta, Canada

I have many iguana books but none nearly as complete and thorough as this one. This is a purchase you will never regret.
Winnie Green, iguana owner
San Mateo, CA

I love this book.
Rebecca Rakes, iguana owner
Charleston, SC

I refer to this book constantly.
Rachael Hoadley, iguana owner
Gilbert, AZ

This book has been very helpful in finding out what was wrong with my iguana.
Tabetha Bruce, iguana owner
Bend, OR

A friend told me about this book so I went out and bought it. I find all my questions answered in it.
Carol Horn, iguana owner
Olivehurst, GA

I got a copy of the best, the absolute best book around on iguanas as pets. Excellent book.
Aaron Palmer, iguana owner
Portland, OR

The book, Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual is G R E A T!! Without a doubt it's the best book on iguanas I have read and I've read a lot.
Carole Clift, iguana owner
Princeton, KY

I bought this book and was so fascinated that I proceeded to read eight out of the nine chapters in quick fashion. This book was as interesting and often times as heart wrenching as a good novel. I found funny stories, sad tales, and eccentric anecdotes. There were times when I absolutely could not put down the book.
Sean O'Neal, iguana owner
Harrisburg, PN

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for publishing this iguana book. Calling it good would be an understatement.
Roberta Laygo, iguana owner
Union, NY

I enjoyed this book very much. It was, by far, the most instructive, educational, and useful source of iguana information I have ever found.
Amanda Jagger, iguowner
Toms River, NJ

This book is very readable. It is a must for anyone thinking about getting an iguana or anyone who already has one. This book is known for its accurate information regarding feeding and care.
Marion Briones, iguana owner
Fremont, CA

I just started reading this book and must agree with all of your advertising - it catches your attention. The English is very easy to understand, and above all, it's very, very, complete!
Acacio Santos, iguana owner
Lisbon, Portugal

I ordered this book and I must tell you, it is a bible to me. I have some other books but this is the BEST -there is no comparison.
Andrea De Luca, iguana owner
Clifton, NJ

Mr. Hatfield's section describing the anatomy of the iguana was so clear and vivid that it enabled me to better understand my own physiology. As an example, when I eat something I now know all the processes the food goes through from the first bite until it emerges as waste.
Carol Manual, iguana owner
Los Angeles, CA

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