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I am a zoologist currently based at the University of Bristol here in the UK. I'm extremely impressed with this book. I had just about reached the stage where I wanted to write a book about green iguanas, given the confusing and often incorrect information present in most popular literature. However, you have saved me the trouble, and I am pleased to say it's as good as I hoped it would be when I first saw it.
     I am currently reading the chapter on diet, and it's not only the first time I've actually read something I entirely agreed with (in a published book on iguanas), but this information is presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. The question of whether iguanas require animal protein was also handled commendably. You're right to suggest that animal protein should be avoided. After all, green iguanas thrive on a herbivorous diet, so why risk renal failure from excessive protein as a result of the wrong diet.
     I particularly like the quotes from iguana owners and researchers which are placed so as to be entirely relevant to the information being discussed in the text. Excellent.
University of Bristol, School of Biological Sciences
United Kingdom

Iguana Park

I have the privilege of being the supervisor for the only city park in the world where the main attraction is the common green iguana (Iguana iguana). People from all over the world come to see our hundred or so lizards roaming freely in the park.
     Up until I saw the book Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James W. Hatfield III, I thought I knew all there was to know about these fascinating creatures. But in the first few moments I looked through the ULTIMATE iguana book I learned more about diet, health care, behavior and anatomy than I have learned in all the years I have been working here. What a powerful and easy to understand book.
Neida Criollo, Biologist
Superintendent, Seminario Park ("Iguana Park")
Guyaquil, Ecuador, South America


     I have been mapping and identifying the animal life in Bolivia for over a decade for the Bolivian Government. This consists of using satellite tracking and actually trudging through many isolated parts of the jungle to see the animals up close. Good maps and books are essential to my work. This ULTIMATE iguana book by Hatfield is a first-class tool for learning more about our local Iguana iguana. What an exceptional book.
Marco Ribera Arismendi, biologist
Bolivia, South America


I take care of the animals at a very large and prestigious museum here on the West Coast. One of the most intriguing animals I care for is the green iguana (Iguana iguana). We have many visitors that come through here who have these fascinating animals at home as pets. When I first started working at the museum, I was astounded at the appalling lack of good, up-to-date information available for the iguana owner and I was spending a great deal of time answering the same questions over and over about how to care for these lizards.
     When I found James W. Hatfield's book, Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual, I was thrilled. Finally, a solid and interesting book I can recommend! It is easy to read, yet full of scientifically backed and documented information. This is a clearly well researched and carefully designed book full of great photos, charts and scientific illustrations.
     I recommend it to thousands of visitors who come to our museum each year.
Leslie Gordon
Animal Care Technician
Los Angeles, California

I found Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual to be useful in learning things about Iguana iguana I never knew before. The book is like a text book with its scientific charts, references, and even photos of an iguana skeleton. It is the most complete iguana book our museum staff has ever seen.
James Aparicio Effen, Executive Director
Ecology Institute of the National Museum of Natural History
La Paz, Bolivia, South America

Iguana Breeders

This book is perfect for the first time iguana owner, but even for people like us who have experience keeping and breeding iguanas.
Jeff and Mike Fisher, iguana breeders
Salem, Oregon


This is the easiest reading and most interesting nature book I have ever read. The book is written in a real personal manor, so personal that it seems that the author is sitting across the room talking with you. I can see that tons of research went into this endeavor.
Brian Colbertson, bird of prey expert
Caldwell, ID

Iguana Cafe

I own the World Famous "Iguana Cafe" here in Key West, Florida. The first thing people used to ask when the restaurant first opened was, "Do you serve iguana as food?" The answer is definitely - NO. The name of the cafe came from my pet green iguana.
     It didn't take long for locals, and tourists from far and near, to know that iguanas weren't served here as food but the food I did serve was some of the best in town.
     When "Iggy" was small he used to be at the restaurant and people from all over would come and visit him. One day James W. Hatfield III, author of Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual, stopped by when he was on a book tour. After talking with him, I realized that I needed to make some changes in the way I took care of Iggy.
     Just a short time after I bought Jim's book and put into practice what I learned from it, people kept telling me how much bigger and better-looking Iggy was. They even said he was much tamer. From Jim's book I learned the importance of proper handling, diet, sun light, and much more. If it wasn't for Jim's book my Iggy would probably be dead now! Years later, I still refer to the book when something new comes up.
     Several years ago I added a new section to the side of my restaurant that sold iguana theme products such as coffee mugs, key chains, T-shirts and the like. The very first thing sold was Jim's book, Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual. His book was so popular that we sold three cases in about a year - and we're just a restaurant!
     For the few people who had doubts about buying the book, I told them if they didn't like it to return it and I would give them all of their money back. To this day no one has asked for their money back. But many people have called or come in and thanked me for insisting that they purchase the book.
     If you are ever in Florida, take the short drive down to Key West and see why people call our restaurant World Famous. And if you are lucky, perhaps Iggy will be there on one of his weekly visits to the restaurant.
Cathleen Cowan, Owner
Iguana Cafe (World Famous, that is)
425 "C" Green Street
Key West, FL

Amphibian & Reptile magazine

I liked it [the book] very much. It was much more impressive than I expected. A lot of the stuff published now is awful, and I was very impressed by this book. Looks's bigger and better than I ever imagined. The design and layout look great. Good job. [from a personal phone call]
Erica Ramus, Editor
Reptile and Amphibian magazine

Iguana author

A new great book on iguanas. I just finished reading James Hatfield's new book called Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual. It's the thickest book you will ever see about iguanas. It's got over 600 hundred pages! He has organized all kinds of ideas and information very well. There is lots and lots of detail and subject matter as there should be for a creature as complex as the almighty iguana.
     I really like all the various comments that he included from the many iguana owners that he questioned. That makes it very interesting and helpful throughout the book.
     There are many things in the book that I like and really agree with, many excellent points that are going to be useful for iguana owners that read the book.
     I spoke with James several times on the phone when he first started with the idea of putting his own book together. He is a good guy and I know he really wanted to go all the way with a complete book on iguanas. As it is, I think his new book is excellent, outstanding and wonderful and I recommend it highly. [from an on-line herp news group]
Henry Lizardlover, iguana book author
Los Angeles, CA

Educational Programs for Children

Diane Emily puts on exciting school and special event wildlife programs for children of all ages. The programs are educational but presented in a fun, exciting, interesting and fun manner, geared to the attention span of her audience.
     Diane loves to educate children about reptiles and amphibians and other wonders of nature and she encourages kids to be curious about their environment and to embrace life's fascinating diversity. Her show-and-tell segments using beautiful live reptiles and amphibians are a favorite of children everywhere.
     Diane said, "After having had the opportunity to checkout Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual I found that this book is an enjoyable reading experience, whether or not you own an iguana. The author skillfully blends oodles of important information with corresponding pertinent accounts from iguana owners, researchers and veterinarians, giving the manual a very personal touch."
     If you are in the Gainesville, Florida area be sure to look her up and see how one person is trying to help children better understand their natural environment.
Diane Emily Castellucci
Gainesville, Florida

Zoo Books

This massive and highly acclaimed publication is easily the most comprehensive guide to the captive care of Green Iguanas ever produced. Combining his own personal experiences with the input of a wide variety of scientists, veterinarians, and other iguana owners, Hatfield provides a wealth of information on virtually every aspect of the captive husbandry of these popular lizard "pets".
     Chapters include Iguana: The Species; Iguanas as Pets; Choosing Your Pet; Housing; Feeding; Special Care; Medical Troubleshooting; Domestication; and Breeding.
     Also provided are 10 Appendices covering a wide variety of topics including the construction of iguana habitats, nest boxes, and incubators. Completely illustrated with 24 color photos, b/w photos and line illustrations, graphs, 671 pp. Soft cover.
from Zoo Book Sales
Lanesboro, Minnesota

Herpetological supplier

Hatfield, Green Iguana - The Ultimate Owner's Manual: Acclaimed as the best iguana book every written.
The Bean Farm
Herpetological & Animal Husbandry Supplies
Carnation, Washington

An amazing book that is now being called in the industry as "The Iguana Bible". Read this book and you will know everything about raising a healthy and happy iguana...Can you and your iguana really do without reading this unbelievablse informative book?
Big Apple Herpetological Reptile
& Amphibian Supplies
New York, New York

This massive and highly acclaimed publication is easily the most comprehensive guide to the captive care of Green Iguanas ever produced.
Glades Herp
Fort Myers, Florida

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