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I have a small iguana rescue here in Florida. I have taken in, and found homes for, eight iguanas in the last few years and could not have done it without the wealth of information available on care and feeding in the book Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James Hatfield.
Carla Baker, home iguana rescue
Miami, Florida

We use this book extensively when we have our Reptile Education/Adoption Days. The copy we currently have has bookmarks all over it, so that we can share information quickly.
     The most used page is the photo of the iguana showing its teeth. Everyone asks if igs have teeth and this super close-up photos shows them well.
     Thanks for writing this book and keeping the information in it up-to-date. Unfortunately, we still run into "professionals" that rely on VERY out-dated materials, which they pass out to new and old iguana owners.
Judy Marini, President
MariniZoo Rescue and Sanctuary for Reptiles
Alberta, Virginia

My name is Lenny Flank and I am the Director of Suncoast Serpentarium, a non-profit reptile rescue group here in Tampa Bay, Florida. Suncoast Serpentarium has been in existence for many years and our main goal is to rehabilitate and adopt unwanted or abandoned iguanas and other reptiles. We also educate the public about reptile conservation and biology using live animal exhibits and educational talks.
     When it comes to education one book I find that is a great source of knowledge for both beginners and experienced iguana keepers is Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James W. Hatfield III. Beginners can use it to get basic care information while experienced people can use it to look up specific questions.
Lenny Flank
Director, Suncoast Serpentarium

As a professional Herpetologist who co-authored the Oxford Cambridge and RSA qualification in Herpetology, I purchased a copy of Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual for study. I personally deal with the rescue of more than 500 Green Iguanas each year abandoned by owners who failed to research their prospective pets before purchase. As a result, I considered myself to be fairly knowledgeable about iguanas in every respect.
     When I started reading the ULTIMATE iguana book I found that I could not put it down. Jim has completed the most up-to-date, easy-to-understand text on one of the world's most misunderstood animals.
     As the head of a national charity that witnesses the abuse incurred by these beautiful creatures on a daily basis, I would urge everyone, without exception, to obtain a copy of this book BEFORE they get the animal.
Peter Heathcote, Chief Executive
The Reptile Trust Visitor & Re-homing Centre
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Having been in reptile rescue for several years, it gives me great pleasure to finally review a book that has wonderful information. I have read most all books on the market regarding iguanas. Where some do a great job in certain areas, others do a horrible job. Unfortunately, the average person will purchase books that cost the least, and you guessed it, those books contain the worst information.
     James Hatfield combines stories from iguana owners with personal experiences that are entertaining, accurate, and full of useful information for the new or experienced iguana owners. The information he gives regarding diet, behavior, husbandry, and common illnesses are worth ten times what you will pay for the book.
     I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns or plans to buy an iguana. You can very well prevent a costly trip to the vet by following his care guidelines. In that respect alone, the book will pay for itself.
     The book reads more like a novel than a research subject does, and that's another reason I like it so well. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, and some are serious, but all of them have a point to make. The point is, iguanas require specialized care and housing. James Hatfield tells you exactly what, how, when, how much, and why in easy to understand language.
     Again, I strongly recommend the purchase of this book if an iguana is in your future or in your living room. [from "Pacific Big Cat & Exotic Animal Rescue" Volume #1, Issue 2]
Fred Moormeier
President, Pacific Big Cat & Exotic Animal Rescue
Everett, Washington

I operate the Colorado Reptile Rescue, which now houses all the reptiles for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, the Longmont Humane Society and receives direct owners surrendered animals. We have a successful foster parent program, we carefully screen adoptive parents, and host workshops in K-12 schools, shopping malls, and other public venues.
     I have read this book 3 times in 2 years and indeed, it is a bible of iguana technical information, humor, and heartfelt anecdotes.
Ann-Elizabeth Nash
Director, Colorado Reptile Rescue
Boulder, Colorado

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