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There are many, many books on the market that boast knowledge about the green iguana, but yours by far tops them all! I appreciate your efforts.
Douglas R. Mader, MS, DVM, d.a.b.v.p

Thanks for coming out with this much needed book
Tom McCabe, DVM
Northeastern Veterinary Clinic
El Paso, Texas

The staff of Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary services to our community for over fifteen years. Ever year we see more and more pets of all types of species. I believe our growth comes from having veterinarians and staff who are strongly committed to the care of all of the animals we treat, and who are especially committed to keeping up with the most current knowledge that veterinary science has to offer.
     Green iguanas are a popular reptile pet in our practice. We see them for a variety of conditions - from minor to very serious medical problems. These problems almost always stem from a lack of or misunderstanding of basic husbandry needs of this wonderful creature.
     To help our clients have healthier iguanas, and fewer medical problems in the future, we are now selling the book Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James W. Hatfield III. We think the book is great for the hobbyist or enthusiast. It is well documented and still easy to read and understand. Within its 650+ pages can be found helpful information on all aspect of iguana care, from choosing a healthy specimen right up to what to do if your special pet and companion dies.
     We recommend that anyone planning to raise an iguana read this book before doing anything else. If everyone followed the recommendations found in the Ultimate Owner's Manual, our doctors would be treating more stronger and healthier iguanas.
Rene C. Gandolfi, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital
Castro Valley, California

I have never seen a book on any species with this level of detail!
Quin N. Christensen, DVM
Tigard, Oregon

I purchased Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual because I wanted a good reference on basic iguana care to advise my friends and clients on this aspect of iguanas.
     Husbandry problems are a majority problem for iguanas and other exotic pets. In my opinion this book provides an excellent reference in this area with chapters like feeding, housing (lighting) and behavior.
     The book also has a solid chapter on basic medical problems. The medical trouble shooting section was good because it gave practical advice on detection of diseases as well as describing common medical problems while emphasizing the need to always see a veterinarians if serious problems are suspected.
     The first chapter of the book is "Iguana: The Species." In this chapter there was a section that explained an iguana's unique anatomy in a simple and easy to understand way. This information would seem to work hand in hand with the medical chapter.
     The chapter on breeding is long and thorough. I have used information from this section to inform my friends on the possible aggression problems a male iguana might go through during breeding season.
     I really enjoyed this book. It is truly the Ultimate Green Iguanas' Owner's Manual.
Daniel Osborn, DVM
Lake Ozark, Missouri

I don't have much room to carry retail merchandise in my clinic, but I make room for copies of Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual!
     I have found this book to be an excellent aid for iguana owners and the information contained within it well organized and easily understandable. My clients rave about this book's usefulness.
Gloria Goodman, DVM
Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center
Aston, PA

As a veterinarian who treats iguanas on a regular basis, I can not encourage enough people to buy this book. If my clients followed the instructions given in this book, it would reduce the number of iguanas I see by more than half. The price is very low for the quality and quantity of information provided. If you are thinking of owning, or do own an iguana, you will be missing out on a great resource and a fun read if you do not purchase this book.
Web review: Oak Ridge, TN

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