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Book review: Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society, reviewed by Brian Jones
                         - This review is an excerpt and is underlined to emphasize important points -

In recent years, as reptiles have become an ever-increasing part of the pet industry, the number of captive green iguanas in American households has grown astronomically. These animals can be found in virtually every pet store across the country. More often than not, these lizards, deceptively small as juveniles, are sold to their naive, yet well-meaning new caretakers with little more than a thank-you and a few helpful hints such as "feed it lettuce and don't forget your hot-rock." For most of these creatures the outlook is quite grim.
     In the past, the information provided by books on iguana care often has been misleading and contradictory. Some basic advice on iguana nutrition, for example, that seemed sound as recently as five years ago would be regarded as detrimental today. One key in learning to care successfully for any reptile or amphibian in captivity is to communicate with knowledgeable people who share an interest in that animal. James Hatfield has done precisely this in compiling Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owner's Manual.
     A few years ago, I received a detailed questionnaire requesting information on how I cared for my iguanas. The returned comments were to be used in a book being planned by Hatfield. Being a procrastinator, I set it on my desk with every intention of completing it and sending it back. But this never happened. Fortunately for present and future iguana owners, more than 800 people did complete the task, resulting in the most thorough book on green iguana care that I have ever read.
     Overall, James Hatfield III has succeeded in compiling the most definitive information to date on the captive husbandry of the green iguana. Many, if not all, of the common mistakes made by novice iguana keepers can surely be avoided just by reading this book. With its useful, factual information and its amusing anecdotes, this book is a must for anyone who presently has or contemplates owning an iguana.
     The title of this book is no exaggeration. Never before have I seen such a thorough book on the care and maintenance of green iguanas. This book answers almost every imaginable question, from calcium-to-phosphorous ratios to how large to chop the food; from how to choose a substrate to how to spot illnesses. In the words of an old TV commercial: "It's in there."

Book review: Herpetofauna - Journal of the Long Island Herpetological Society, New York; reviewed by Christopher G. Baker
                         - This review is an excerpt and is underlined to emphasize important points -

I have recently purchase and read a wonderful book entitled Green Iguana - The Ultimate Owner's Manual by James W. Hatfield III. This book is easy enough for the most inexperienced iguana owner or enthusiast to understand. Yet, it is still filled with an abundance of information and facts to challenge and expand the mind of the most experienced of iguana owners.
     The book is comprised of nine major sections. There's diet, housing, medical troubleshooting, domestication and more. It spans from birth to death.
     Included are some great photos of a hatching sequence as well as a number of full skeletal shots. It also covers the organs, as well as all of their functions. Each section is given an "at a glance" box. This box consolidates the main points of that chapter. This has proven to be very helpful when using the book as a reference point. Some of the sections I have yet to either see in other books or seen done this well.
     There is a section on training and taming. This section gives a new outlook on iguana intelligence and their ability to learn. It gives some simple training techniques and procedures to take on not only for your amusement or convenience but for the safety of the animal.
     It also includes a section on "Dangers" with headings such as, "things they can get behind", "things they can get into", "things they can climb onto", "things they can eat" and more. Many of you will appreciate and relate to this section. As this book goes over these dangers you can see your own little green wonder climbing the drapes, heading toward the heat vent, or climbing your favorite plant. Not only is this section very effective in making preventive medicine kind of easy, it depicts the old saying of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think ahead of the most unthinkable things your iguana could do or get into, then believe it's very possible and take the steps to prevent them.
     This large information source is tied together very nicely with quotes from iguana owners across the country. These added stories are pertinent to each section, as well as another good learning tool. It enables us to learn not only from our mistakes but from others before they happen to you. It also includes plenty of good ideas on training, husbandry, etc., as well as just some humorous stories. This book covers a wide range of topics and areas of iguana care. This is a fresh look at the care of these exotic reptiles. It is obviously written by an enthusiastic man who has devoted a great number of years to iguana research, and it shows in this book.

Book review: Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society, reviewed by Winnie Green
                         - This review is an excerpt and is underlined to emphasize important points -

I strongly recommend to all iguana owners Jim Hatifled's Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owner's Manual.
     The price of the book is a real bargain for a 655-page detailed manual with an additional 24 pages of color pictures. It is the result of a great deal of travel and research over several years, plus raising his own wonderful iguana, Za.
     The book is really impressive in its breadth and depth and is written in an easy-to-understand style with many quotations from iguana owners about their experiences. If you have an iguana or are thinking about acquiring one, you need this book to keep your iguana healthy and happy so that you can know you are doing everything possible for your pet. I have many iguana books but none as complete and thorough as this one. This is a purchase you will never regret!

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